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Bet Baseball Money Line Odds
- MLB Betting Odds

Skytower Sportsbook offers all types of online baseball gambling lines and MLB betting odds. MLB betting has never been easier, whether you want to bet a baseball parlay or straight bet. Bet baseball futures and MLB proposition bets too. Choose baseball betting with a run line or bet the baseball money line, it is up to you! Online baseball betting is one of the many gambling options at Skytower Sportsbook and casino.

A common question that arises when betting on baseball, is what constitutes a good line? Most of the time (though the Yankees were well over average in 1998, and the Marlins below) baseball teams will win between 40% - 60% of their games. The baseball bettor must determine what they believe are the chances of a team beating another in a given situation and then relate that to what price is being given by the sportsbook. Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't matter where you bet baseball. All baseball betting lines are not created equal.

Often, underdogs will have no value represented as almost all Sports Books now use what is known as a dime line to book baseball bets and the underdog value is understood. A dime line is the difference between the price of a favorite and the "comeback" on the underdog, with a "dime" indicating a "10 cent" difference between what a favorite bet must lay and what an underdog bet would win. A smart baseball bettors insist on 10-cent lines, or "dime lines," which offer the most bang for their gambling buck. In a game carrying a dime line, a minus 130 favorite would be paired with an underdog of plus 120. If that same game carried a 20-cent line, the underdog would get back only plus 110. Ten cents on the dollar, even for a moderate bettor, can easily add up to hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars over the course of a baseball season.

MLB Money Lines

The Baseball season provides two things to many bettors: opportunity and confusion. Many novices and even some of the more seasoned sports gamblers find that betting on America's past-time a little more difficult when it comes time to putting their money down on a game. There is no point spreads involved in baseball. Betting baseball involve odds or a price that is represented as a Money Line. Baseball Money Lines are odds expressed in terms of a dollar. when betting on baseball favorites you will end up laying more than a dollar in order to win a dollar, while if you bet on the underdog you will bet a dollar to win more than a dollar. A favorite that is given a value -130 means that a gambler trying to win $100 would have to put up, or risk, $130 in order to win that $100. An underdog which has a value of +120 means that for every dollar a gambler puts down on the game, he would win $1.20, thus a $100 bet would net him, if the bet wins, a $120 profit.

Favorites will always be represented with a minus sign "-" in front of a value, and underdogs, if they are represented, will always have a plus "+" in front of a value.

Skytower Sports Book and Casino offers money lines (side and totals) and run lines on all games. You will be hitting a home run win you are betting with skytowercasino.

There are tons of special prop bets on the All star game, MLB all starts, and the
world series baseball betting information also.

Skytower Sportsbook offers four ways of betting  on baseball

Action: you do not care if the listed pitchers start the game.

Listing both pitchers: you want action only if both pitchers start the game.

Listing your pitcher: you want action only if your pitcher starts the game.

Listing the opponents' pitcher: you want action only if the other teams' pitcher starts.

(Bet baseball overnight lines - MLB money lines - over/under baseball Odds Here)

10 Commandments of Baseball Betting

To combat the ups and downs of baseball gambling you need to boast a great deal of self
discipline if you plan on being successful. We have created a list of 10 commandments to
follow this season.

1) Never bet more than you can afford to lose.
2) Don't ever chase losses.
3) Ignore your hunches.
4) Locks are a myth, if something looks to good to be true, you probably overlooked   something the bookmaker hasn't.
5) Remember that you have no control over the outcome of a game.
6) Be satisfied with any amount of profit no matter how small that figure may be.
7) Don't let 1 bad beat bring you down and effect your next days handicapping.
8) Don't bet parlays. Although sharp handicappers can often find an edge, parlays for the average gambler are sucker bets.
9) Never risk more than 5% of your bankroll on any given game.
10) Don't focus on a day to day basis, focus on the long term goal of being up money at    seasons end.

Baseball Basics: Stats 101

Batting Average (AVG): Divide the number of base hits by the total number of at bats.

Earned Run Average (ERA): Multiply the total number of earned runs by nine, and divide the results by the total innings pitched.

 W-L percentage: Divide the number of games won by the total number of decisions.

 Slugging Percentage (SLG): Divide the total number of bases of all base hits by the total number of times at bat.

 On-Base Percentage (OBP): Divide the total number of hits plus Bases on Balls plus hits by Pitch BY at Bats plus Bases on Balls plus hit by Pitch plus Sacrifice Flies.

 Fielding Average: Divide the total number of outs and assists by the total number of outs, assists and errors.

Baseball betting lines

MLB baseball schedules

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