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Skytower Sportsbook offers a full range of wagering on all major sporting events including Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Golf, Tennis, Horse Racing, Auto Racing, Boxing and Soccer. Any wager may be placed over the Internet or telephone.
Sports Specials include futures: any available sport; golf every tournament and matchups for every tournament and baseball ten cent lines with overnight wagering.

Pre Season MLB Baseball odds and Information on betting on Baseball lines

We offer money lines (side and totals) and run lines on all games. You will be hitting a home run win you are betting with Skytower.

There are tons of special prop bets on the All star game, MLB all starts, and the world series also.

Money Line Wagering
When wagering on sides, if you are betting the favorite, you will be laying odds. When betting on the underdog, you will be picking the odds. The odds for each game are based on who is pitching.

We have four ways of betting baseball

Action: you do not care if the listed pitchers start the game.

Listing both pitchers: you want action only if both pitchers start the game.

Listing your pitcher: you want action only if your pitcher starts the game.

Listing the opponents' pitcher: you want action only if the other teams' pitcher starts.

Bet on baseball overnight lines, money lines and over/under on MLB baseball "HERE"

Baseball betting lines

MLB baseball schedules

AL East:

Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Orioles, Devil Rays are the best picks in the AL East. Look for the Sox to win the division.

AL Central:

The White Sox should win the division. The Royals should make it close, while the Indians are counting on an inexperienced team. Oh yah the Tigers are still the worst team in baseball.

AL West:

Expect another playoff for the Athletics and the much-improved Angels should give them a run for there money. while the Mariners are the most balanced team in the AL West.

NL East:

The Phillies had an amazing off-season, The Braves run-of first-round playoff eliminations should be over, while the Mets could have a very exciting offense to bring them to the World series.

Line example:

Mil, Brewers C. Capuano +140 over  9.5 -110
Hou, Astros R. Clemens -150 under 9.5 -110

When wagering on the Astros (favorite), you will be staking $150 to win $100. When wagering on the Brewers (underdog), you will be laying $100 to win $140. If there is a pitching changes prior to the start of the game. All "listed pitchers" wagers will be cancelled and the money refunded. All "action goes" wagers will be adjusted to the odds of the new pitcher.

Wagering Totals (over/under)

If you wager on the Brewers/Astros game to go over the predicted total, the amount of the runs on the game must be equal or more than 10 in order to win the wager.

If you wager on the Brewers/Astros game to go Under the predicted total, the amount of runs on the game must not exceed 9 in order to win the wager.

The game must go to 9 complete innings. In the event of a pitcher change or an incomplete game all "total" wagers and Run Lines are no action. Parlays will revert to the next level (3 team parlay becomes a 2 team parlay and a two team parlay will become a straight wager).

 Note: Run lines and Totals are always "listed pitchers".

Baseball Basics: Stats 101

Batting Average (AVG): Divide the number of base hits by the total number of at bats.

Earned Run Average (ERA): Multiply the total number of earned runs by nine, and divide the results by the total innings pitched.

 W-L percentage: Divide the number of games won by the total number of decisions.

 Slugging Percentage (SLG): Divide the total number of bases of all base hits by the total number of times at bat.

 On-Base Percentage (OBP): Divide the total number of hits plus Bases on Balls plus hits by Pitch BY at Bats plus Bases on Balls plus hit by Pitch plus Sacrifice Flies.

 Fielding Average: Divide the total number of outs and assists by the total number of outs, assists and errors.

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