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Skytower Casino world Cup 2006

World Cup Outright Betting Online

Now the World Cup group draw has taken place, many soccer bettors are grabbing up the odds on the outright betting market. The popular teams with good draws are likely to be much shorter odds come kick off in Munich on June 9th. Check out our World Cup sports betting odds, FIFA World Cup history and take a look at statistics that show what world cup soccer teams in particular that look to have good odds.

Germany Vs. England

Forty years after beating Germany in the World Cup Final at Wembley can England repeat the feat in Berlin? After an impressive performance against Argentina in November and a nice group draw Englands World Cup odds have shortened.

But Argentina, Spain, Italy, France, Holland and Portugal also have great potential and shouldn't be ignored. Betting is also available on each of the eight groups, and there's special betting on the Top Goalscorer and how far selected teams will progress in the tournament.


The holders look even better than the teams who reached the last three World Cup finals and won two World Cups. Can the Samba Stars, with their Magic Quartet of strikers land the World cup odds for Brazil?


Three times winners but recent competition form has put them at a lowly 13th in the World. In qualifying for the World cup finals,The Azzurri were impressive, winning seven of their ten matches.


Home advantage should be influential in helping the hosts reach the latter stages of the tournament. But with the individual players at his disposal today, Klinsmann has a tough task if Germanys World Cup odds are to be landed in front of their home fans.


Argentina finished runners up to Brazil in the South American qualifying group and would have gained delight in beating their rivals along the way. Much confidence to be gained from the recent success of their younger stars.


Is there a better squad of players in Europe? Can you trust Sven to use the players he s got effectively? Whatever you think, there are plenty of World Cup betting opportunities in our England preview.


France continue to challenge as the top international side of the current era. If France can remain tight at the back and Thierry Henry can shine at International level up front then their World Cup odds could prove very generous.

Berlin - Olympic Stadium (reconstruction). 76,000 seats.
Cologne - Muengersdorfer Stadium (reconstruction). 45,000 seats.
Dortmund - Westfalen Stadion (slight modification). 60,000 seats.
Frankfurt - Wald Stadium (new). 48,000 seats.
Gelsenkirchen - Arena AufSchalke (new). 52,000 seats.
Hamburg - Stadium Hamburg (new). 50,000 seats.
Hannover - Niedersachsen Stadium (reconstruction). 45,000 seats.
Kaiserslautern - Fritz-Walter Stadium (being extended). 48,500 seats.
Leipzig - Zentral Stadium (new). 44,000 seats.
Munich - Allianz Arena. 66,000 seats.
Nuremberg - Franken Stadium (reconstruction). 45,500 seats.
Stuttgart - Gottlieb-Daimler Stadium (modernisation). 54,500 seats.

2006 World Cup Soccer Betting offers a host of Soccer World Cup betting options. Customers are given the opportunity to bet on everything from Singles Betting on the match result to novelty bet types such as the identity of the first goal scorer.

FIFA Soccer World Cup Betting Information:

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Be sure to get your FIFA Soccer World Cup bets down early at SkyTower Casino and sportsbook, because the cup is here!

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