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Our experienced staff is available to you 24 hours a day , 7 days a week via toll free phone service (1-800-375-8701), Live Chat and Internet. 

Remember if you have any problems you can call us or use are Live Chat with Customer Service staff.


Troubleshooting / Casino Blank Screen

If you only see a blank screen and/or cannot see the casino games, or it just doesn't look complete, it means that   your browser is not Java enabled. The problem could be one of this:

1)You are probably using  AOL as your main browser. The solution is to minimize the AOL window, and open an external browser. Internet Explorer or Netscape for example. If you don't have Internet Explorer or Netscape, just click on the icons on the download center below to get the new version of this browsers.

2) You may  be  using a very old browser version of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The solution is  to click on the icons on the download center below to download the  new version of these browsers.

Troubleshooting / Registration

After registering, you should receive your username via email. If you do not receive the email, call us toll free to 800-375-8701 or click here to send an email.

Troubleshooting / Lost Connection With Casino Server

This means you left  the casino board window open  for more than 5 minutes without making any entry. Don't worry about this, re-login and  select the same game you were playing before lost connection and play will resume where you left off.


Casino: A standard Java enabled browser
A standard Java Script enabled browser

Test Your Browser
will it work?)

Sportsbook Casino
AOL* (see below) Yes
(external browser only)
(external browser only)
Netscape (3.0 or higher) Yes Yes
Explorer (3.0 or higher) Yes Yes
WebTV Yes No

**Windows 3.11 Users: Explorer 3.02 or higher is necessary

RESOLUTION PROBLEMS (games don't fit in the screen)

This means that you have a video resolution of 800x600 or less. The best resolution to use for the games is of 1024x768.   The solution is really simple, just follow the next steps.

a) Right click on your computer's desktop. A window will pop  up with a group of options. Select "Properties".

b) Another window will appear. Click on the "Settings" option on the top right corner.

c) On the "Desktop Area" space, select 1024x768 and click apply. That's it, you can start playing now.  If you can't see the 1024x768 option that means that your video card doesn't support this resolution, go to the next step then.

d) Your video card doesn't support the 1024x768  resolution. You can take one of this solutions. One, adjust the scroll bars so you can see better the games. Or two, click here for an special 800x600 or less casino games board.


For MAC users the way of registration, playing and betting is exactly the same as pc users except if you are using AOL to connect. If you are doing this, then you need to have AOL version 3.0 and download the latest version of internet explorer or Netscape navigator. After you do this, go and connect to AOL. Once the main screen appears, minimize the AOL program (click on the finder menu at the right top hand corner and click "Finder", then click the same menu and click on the "Hide Others" option, then open your Internet Browser "Netscape Navigator/Internet Explorer" ). and use internet from their. Remember to have open the "Open Transport" utility. To download a new version of Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer or AOL, just go to our download center below.


Please select one of the following options

and you will going to see the main page on the new size.


You can download the latest version of   Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, and AOL, totally free, by just making a click below, on the icon of the program you want.

 Windows Users

Mac Users


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