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Casino Gambling

welcome to the world of online gambling, and wish you endless hours of gambling entertainment, good fortune and most of all, prosperity.

Let's start with craps, First off, no need to be intimidated!

you need to know how to play only two wagers: a Pass Line bet or Placing the 6 or 8. Both of these wagers have a low house advantage of less than 1.5%, making them arguably the best bets in the casino. If you have any questions on how to make a pass line bet, or placing the 6 or 8, or how to Bet Craps Online.

Blackjack: If you are going to take a shot at blackjack, visit Blackjack Betting Online rules and view blackjack basic strategy. Basic Blackjack strategy is how you play your hand against the dealer's "up card." Playing correctly with a strategy card will bring the house advantage down to less than one percent.

Baccarat is one of the easiest casino games to play (you do not even have to know the rules because correct hitting is predetermined), and the stakes are relatively low on a mini-baccarat table. The house advantage is either 1.17% when betting the bank hand or 1.36% with a player hand wager. Learn More about Baccarat Online Betting

Good online Casino Practice

Don't hedge your bets Avoid the urge to insure against events that will caused you to lose or push rather than win.

For example never take insurance in blackjack or bet on any craps or any seven in craps. The house edge on hedge bets is always very high. If you are afraid of losing then don't gamble.

There is no system that can beat a game of pure chance. There are plenty of charlatans promising systems that can beat games of luck like roulette, craps and the lottery. Most systems trade a lot of small wins for a few huge losses. In the long run it is impossible to beat the house at games entirely of chance.

It pays to shop around for the best possible playing conditions. In many games, especially blackjack and video poker the rules can vary from one casino to another and one state to another. Know what rules are favorable to the player and seek them out.

Avoid side bets and rule changes. Among the worst bets in the casino are the $1 side bets in Let it Ride and Caribbean Stud Poker, carrying a house edge usually well over 20%. Side bets in blackjack and pai gow poker are not as bad but are also to be avoided. Also avoid variations in rules such as crapless craps and commission-free baccarat. Even with perfect play the odds are worse than the normal rules.

Have fun. Don't forget that gambling is supposed to be a recreational activity. Like many things, what is enjoyable in moderation can be disastrous in excess. If you lose the ability to walk away from the table or machine at will then you shouldn't play at all.


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