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Many people who gamble with online casinos do not bother to check some very simple information before they begin gambling at a new casino. When you're surfing the web and happen to visit a new online casino that you've never seen before, here are 3 rules that we suggest you follow before opening your new account...

1) Read the fine print! Before you even think about playing for real money you have to know the rules!

2) Support and more support!!!
Is there a phone number for you to call? Do they offer real time chat mode support? Is support only handled via email? The casinos you should prefer playing in will offer several convenient ways for you to contact them. Don't be afraid to call their toll-free support line, just to see that it is working.

3) Does The Casino Have Marketing? If you can See the Casino is listed on the Major search engines and they are ranking high. This means the Casino is spending Money on Marketing and usually have a solid payment program.

What to Look for When Choosing Online Casinos to Play at:

When visiting a Casino, check how the establishment presents itself online. If it looks untidy or less than professional, chances are it's not committed to serious gambling. Preview some of the games and see how smoothly they run. A lot of Casinos will let you play for Fun so use this to check out the quality of the gaming before you part with your cash. Remember, the casino that offers a well planned and smooth running site is usually looking for long term success.

Check for Customer Service and how its offered. When is it available ? Does it cost you to phone ? Can you speak to someone right away ? Some online casinos offer E-mail contact, some by telephone and some by both. Some even have live online chat with a customer services representative. In the event you have a problem, you should be able to easily get in touch with the Casino to sort it out.

Check the small print. Its the same with anything in life so make sure there are no hidden costs to you. Check how promptly the Casino will pay your winnings. It's your money and you don't want to be waiting a long time to get your hands on it. Check their Privacy Policy as well. Most reputable casinos will not sell , rent out or otherwise pass on their customer details to another establishment. It will save you getting unsolicited E-Mails if such a policy is in place.

Look for online casinos that has been around for at least a couple of years and is favored by many. Some have been around longer. Remember, they are in business to make money and if they have an established track record, chances are you should get no problems.

Loyalty programs

These are the rewards programs that many online casinos are now offering. For high rollers, they can add up. For small stake gamblers, it will take a while. Skytower Casino will give you 10% on your money that has been loosed in the casino every week.


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