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2008 NCAA Week 3 Match-Ups

The 2008 NCAA college football week 3 Picks; 2008 week three NCAA betting odds - college football team and player stats and highlights.

We are please to present to you the week 3 betting odds for the 2008 College Football season. Skytower Sportsbook is the first bookmaker to post the early Week 3 College Football odds and the Odds to Win the 2008 BCS Championship Bowl.

Who's injured? Who's streaking? Who has the advantage in this weekend's games? What tips and trends are out there that could sway your plays? Here's a look at what's going down in the World of College Football.

If any of the Top 25 lose a game today, that is trying for a chance in a bowl game and find themselves at the end of September, with a lose of a second game. This is a team that will find themselves scrambling for a spot in the Crazy Eddie's Rent-A-Refrigerator Bowl.

North Carolina at Rutgers Picks

The first pick of this week will be held at Rutgers university, the match will be UNC vs. Rutgers. Now what can we say that you don’t already know about these teams, well let’s see, according to the statistics UNC has won their first game, Rutgers lost theirs, UNC has better total yardage, better rushing yard average and UNC puts more points on the board, Rutgers has a better passing game but when it comes to the true value of those yards, my pick and my confidence go with UNC marching up in that field taking the victory from Rutgers easily.

Oklahoma at Washington Picks

The second pick comes from the Oklahoma at Washington game. This one promises to be very exciting, both teams are ready but obviously OU comes from a 2-0 record and they are nationally ranked number 3, Washington was already defeated twice and I believe nothing will save them from an inminent 0-3 record, OU has one of the best teams and they will be running on the post season bowls, no question about that so my pick goes directly to OU crushing Washington.

Week 3 promises to deliver more dazzling College Football excitement, so don't miss any of the action and be sure to check out all our NCAA props available for every game.

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The week three NCAA betting odds are now available for the 2008 College Football betting season! The best time of the year is now in full swing. The week 3 NCAA betting odds offer many more great match-ups. Skytower Sportsbook will always offer the best College football odds.

Weekly NCAA Football Picks

If you plan on placing bets against the week 3 betting lines we remind you to get signed up at Skytowercasino.com

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