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2008 NCAA Week 2 Match-Ups

The 2008 NCAA college football Week 2 Picks; 2008 week Two NCAA betting odds - college football team and player stats and highlights.

We are please to present to you the Week 2 betting odds for the 2008 College Football season. Skytower Sportsbook is the first bookmaker to post the early Week 2 College Football odds and the Odds to Win the 2008 BCS Championship Bowl.

Who's injured? Who's streaking? Who has the advantage in this weekend's games? What tips and trends are out there that could sway your plays? Here's a look at what's going down in the World of College Football.

If any of the Top 25 lose a game today, that is trying for a chance in a bowl game and find themselves at the end of September, with a lose of a second game. This is a team that will find themselves scrambling for a spot in the Crazy Eddie's Rent-A-Refrigerator Bowl.

South Carolina at Vanderbilt Picks

South Carolina at Vanderbilt

South Carolina comes from a great game defeating NC state 34-0, looking pretty solid on all the lines, beecher passed for 106 yards, and Brown received for 47 yards, numbers that were enough to beat NC State easily. Now Vandy comes from a victory as well against Miami Ohio 34-13, with Nickson rushing for 166 yards dominating the grown and chewing the clock. My pick is this game will be Vandy because they have great rushing and they are at home.

Miami at Florida Picks

Miami at Florida

This is a bowl early in the season and a classic clash of titans. What can we say about this two teams that we don’t know, rivalry, excellence, high scoring, best players (NCAA), these teams bring everything to the table and have no hold backs, we hope they can keep their players out of trouble so they can play with their entire roster. Miami crushed Charleston Southern on the first game, they look good but not good enough. Florida comes ranked number 5 in the top 25 teams in the NCAA ranking and they also won their first game against Hawaii and their numbers were absolutely impressive. My pick on this game will be Florida at home, simply they are the best team with the best roster.

Week 2 promises to deliver more dazzling College Football excitement, so don't miss any of the action and be sure to check out all our NCAA props available for every game.

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The week Two NCAA betting odds are now available for the 2008 College Football betting season! The best time of the year is now in full swing. The Week 2 NCAA betting odds offer many more great match-ups. Skytower Sportsbook will always offer the best College football odds.

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If you plan on placing bets against the Week 2 betting lines we remind you to get signed up at Skytowercasino.com

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