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Visa / MasterCard Person to Person Transfers Neteller Direct Transfer Bank Wire Citadel Ewallet
SolidPay Click and Buy 900Pay Click 2 Pay Money Bookers Citadel Instant Checks
E-Checks / Personal Checks EwalletXpress Deposits / Withdrawals

Instant Checks Powered by Citadel Commerce

Simply enter our casino cashier to deposit directly into your gaming account.

With Citadel Checks, you can write electronic personal checks drawn on a U.S. or Canadian checking account. We provide a secure Web site that stores your identification and banking information in a secure Citadel Checks account. The information you provide is utilized only by Citadel Commerce, and is not provided to the Web Merchant. Every Citadel Checks account is protected by state-of-the-art technology that uniquely identifies your specific personal computer. Additionally, in order to protect your identity, Citadel Checks utilizes multiple authentication and credit reporting databases and our own sophisticated fraud detection system to validate and review your credit history and monitor spending thresholds.

When you write a check through the Citadel Checks system, your check is electronically submitted to the federal ACH (Automated Clearing House) banking network. The Web Merchant may credit your account immediately. The Web Merchant, not Citadel Commerce, determines when to credit your Web Merchant Online Account. The funds will be withdrawn from your checking account within 3 business days; however, the Web Merchant (not Citadel Commerce) makes the final decision as to when to credit your Web Merchant Online Account. Citadel Commerce does not have access to your Web Merchant Online Account.

If your check is returned by your bank to Citadel Commerce as NSF (non-sufficient funds), we automatically forward it to our Collections Agency for immediate action. TRW, Equifax and CanLaw credit reporting bureaus are notified with the details of the NSF check processed through Citadel Checks. This will affect your personal credit rating, and blocks you from processing any further transactions through Citadel Checks.

Upon completion of your transaction, you receive a confirmation email from Citadel Commerce. You will have to confirm with the Web Merchant as to when they will credit the funds to your online account with them.

All interactions with the Citadel Commerce site are encrypted to protect your information. Carefully read the information on the Web page, particularly the text highlighted in the blue box authorizing Citadel Commerce to perform an identity search and impose a charge for NSF checks (if applicable).

  • In order to continue, the check box in the shaded area above your username and password MUST BE SELECTED

You must select the check box to confirm your acknowledgement of the Citadel "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy" (as detailed on the Login Web page) each and every time you utilize Citadel Checks. You are consenting to a search of your identity and credit history, and acknowledging the terms for processing checks. Please note that by acknowledging these terms, you are agreeing that if an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or bank draft is returned unpaid, associated NSF service charges of $30 U.S., or the maximum allowed by law, may be deducted from your account using an EFT or bank draft (this transaction will be governed by the state or provincial/territorial laws of the jurisdiction in which you reside).

If you already have a valid Citadel Checks Login identity, enter your username and password in the fields provided, and click the "Members Login" button. Note: passwords are case-sensitive.

If you do not have an existing Citadel Checks account, you must Register for one. The registration process allows Citadel Commerce to obtain the necessary information about your personal computer, yourself, and your payment information. This process streamlines future transactions and protects your identity.

Error Messages...

If you receive an error message not covered in the following section, or you still need assistance after reading the information, please contact our Customer Support team (contact details are provided at the bottom of this page). We will be happy to walk you through problems and answer any questions you may have about using Citadel Checks.

·  Login Error: Error Code #####. Your Username or Password may be invalid. Please try again, or contact our Customer Support team for assistance. You can also try registering a new Username and Password.

If you receive this message, make sure you are entering valid password and username information on the login Web page. Note: passwords are case-sensitive. If you still have problems logging in, you can contact our Customer Support team with the error code number to help diagnose the problem.

Another approach to dealing with this situation is to register a new Citadel Checks username and password. You will need to create a new identity and successfully pass authentication tests. However, creating multiple usernames, passwords, and identities can affect your ability to process transactions through Citadel Checks. Therefore, it is always best to retain your original username and password information.

Visa / MasterCard Person to Person Transfers Neteller Direct Transfer Bank Wire Citadel Ewallet
SolidPay Click and Buy 900Pay Click 2 Pay Money Bookers Citadel Instant Checks
E-Checks / Personal Checks EwalletXpress Deposits / Withdrawals
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