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These are simply two straight bets joined together into If Bets that work in both directions of the if clause, the risk is the same for all the wagers in the reverse, they are used for all the major sports except circled games, and no buying points is allowed.

All reverse bets are double action: the remaining bets in the sequence will be placed if the preceding bet is a win, a “push,” or is cancelled for any reason. The same rules apply to the reverse if win as apply to the regular if win. An “if bet” (double action) follows the sequence “if X wins, ties or cancels then Y.” Placing a reverse bet will include that sequence and its opposite:  “if X wins, ties or cancels then Y” AND “if Y wins, ties or cancels then X.” As you can see, a reverse bet contains two “if bet” sequences, and you must lay down or risk an equal amount for each one: an if bet for $110 is $220 as a reverse bet.

A two team reverse bet merely reverses the order of an initial “if bet”; however, if there are three or more teams, then the reverse bet would be broken down or "boxed" into all the possible two team if bets using those three teams and each of those if bets would be reversed. The sequence that would be used would be, as follows:

 If X wins, ties or cancels then Y    à     If Y wins, ties or cancels then X

 If X wins, ties or cancels then Z    à     If Z wins, ties or cancels then X

 If Y wins, ties or cancels then Z    à     If Z wins, ties or cancels then Y

Therefore, a three team reverse is actually going to be six separate if bets, or twelve separate straight bets.  If each of the teams in this reverse were for $100, than the actual amount of money that the customer must risk would be $660, or $110 on each of the if bets, in order to win a maximum of  $1,200.  The more teams selected in the reverse the more possible combinations there will be and the higher the amount of money that must be risked.


Reverses are a combinations of 2 If Bets . You can use multiple sports in your combinations.

Combinations  Odds for a $100 Bet
Win or Tie

$220 to win $400

Win only

$220 to win $400




Teams Line Price Total Price
San Diego Chargers +7½ -110 35 -110
Oakland Raiders -7 -110 44 -110
USC Trojans -9 -110 41 -110
Arizona Wildcats +2 -110 51 -110


Bet example:   2-Team Reverse

If San Diego Chargers +7½ Win only Risking $110. to win $100.

 IF USC Trojans over 41 Win or Tie Risking $110 to win $100.

Risking a total of $220 to win $400


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