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NCAA Basketball

College basktball piont spread - Learn which side of college basketball point spread to take.

Bet NCAA BasketballWith the number of college basketball teams playing on a normal Saturday in College hoops a sports bettor can be overwhelmed when you look at all the College basketball point spreads. Because there are so many games to choose from in can be hard to decide on who to pick but this is the exact reason you should be betting against the NCAA basketball odds.

If you take the time to study some stats, stay disciplined and measure results long term, not on a week to week basis, you can enjoy alot of success betting against the College basketball point spread. Just rember to stay focused, study the college basketball odds and you will have a pocket full of green by the end of March. But for some of you first time players, let us first explain how the College basketball odds work.

Sign Up Click HereWhen betting with the College basketball spread, it is a helpful and a good indicator of how the game should go, this is why you need to know how basketball point spreads work. Most college game are simply easier to predict than NBA basketball games, this is one of the reasons that many basketball sports bettors prefer to bet on College than pro basketball.

college basketball spread betting still can be very tough to predict the outcome because you are dealing with young men that have not grasped the art of being consistent at a professional basketball level. Some teams struggle when on the road. Others have a solid winning percentage after a loss. These and other numerous sources of data affect the college basketball point spreads from week to week.

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College basketball Betting Articles

NCAA Basketball Betting Lines

Vegas oddsmakers and online sportsbooks need NCAA basketball betting lines so they can try their best to balanced action on both sides of the game. They use the College basketball betting lines to designate a favorite and an underdog. The favorite is always listed with a minus before the spread while the underdog has a plus in front of them. Examples of this are listed below.

NCAA Basketball Odds

College basketball odds are used in order to separate two teams playing each other. The team that is favored will always be giving points to the other team. Of course this only applies when useing the Las Vegas basketball betting odds or offshore sports gambling online. It has affect on the team actually winning the game outwright. If Duke were playing Norter Dame at home and were 4 point favorites, to determine who covered the spread all you would do is add 4 points to Norter Dame final score and whoever comes out ahead has beaten the spread.

For example if Norter Dame won 73-70, they certainly beat the NCAA basketball odds even without adding the four points they were receiving because they won the game outright. However, if Duke won 75-69, you would add 4 points to Norter Dame's final score which would put them at 73, and they would still be the loser even with the additional points you were awarded. If the game were to be decided by 4 points exactly, a “push” would be the outcome would result in a winner OR a lose to all bettors who placed a basketball bet on this game.

POINTSPREAD. Many online sportsbooks and casinos offer point spread and over / under betting, both online and over the telephone. On a point spread wager, the team wagered must win by the point spread. On an over / under wager, the total points of the contest by both teams, overtime included, must fall over or under the side selected.

For the player who places a bet on the total points of this contest by both teams to be "Over" 189, the combined final score of both teams must exceed 189. For the player who bets on the total points of this contest by both teams to "Under" 189, the combined final score of both teams must be less than 189. If the outcome falls on the number, the bet is declared a "Push", and the original stake is refunded. Pointspread and Over/Under lines will be offered on all NBA contests. All wagers on the side & total will include all overtime scoring.

MONEYLINE. Many Las Vegas and web based sportsbooks offer moneyline odds wagering on American BasketBall, both online and over the telephone. Moneyline Wagering is simply wagering on the contest based on a given price rather than a pointspread. The team bet on just, has to win the game. Example: A player could choose one of two wagers on the following matchup: L.A. Lakers -200 at Portland Trailblazers +180. If the Lakers win, the player laid $200.00 to win $100.00. If Portland wins, the player who bet $100.00 wins $180.00. College Basketball Odds

Mobile Cellphone Basketball Betting

To check basketball sports betting via this service, you need a Skytower Sports betting account, but to view odds or check results, there is no need to log in or register. If you just would like to check out our odds or check the latest sores and results, you can just - Visit mobile.skytowercasino.com today and enjoy all the day's game matchups plus live odds.

Now that you have some idea of the basic's and fundamentals of how to beat the college basketball odds, if you feel confident you can beat the spread go ahead and take a look at the NCAA basketball Odds for today's games at Skytowersportbook.com.

Before you go and place a bet this season be sure to look through the site for all of its features and bookmark us so you always will have the current College basketball odds.


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