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Arturo "Thunder" Gatti vs Jesse James Leija
Saturday; January 29, 2020

9:45 PM ET / 6:45 PM PT

Oscar De La Hoya and
GoldenBoy Promotions Presents World Championship Boxing

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Arturo "Thunder" Gatti  defends his WBC World Super Lightweight Title against former World Champion Jesse James Leija.  Gatti and Leija have both been on a roll of late.  Gatti is coming off a spectacular 2nd round KO of former World Champion Leonard Dorin, Leija just upset the highly regarded Ponchito Bojadas. Both are world class fighters and are in their primes.

If Gatti can get by Leija he will meet Floyd " Pretty Boy" Mayweather in sometime in May on HBO PPV.

 A sure fight of the year candidate.

Arturo "Thunder" Gatti vs. Jesse James Leija for the World Super Lightweight Title


Boxing Betting Match Ups and Rules will offer lines on ALL major, televised fights, as well as ALL regularly scheduled fights for the weekend. All boxing lines are posted on the day of the event. You can bet on a fighter to win by knockout or by decision, as well as the draw and the total rounds that the fight will last.

Line Example:

Boxing Matchups - Arturo Gatti VS James Leija
Date Title Description Odds

Light Welterweight Fight - Atlantic City NJ
James Leija +400

Light Welterweight Fight - Atlantic City NJ
Arturo Gatti -600

Money Line bets:

When betting on the money line, you are betting that the fighter will win straight up in order to win your bet. Betting on Arturo Gatti -600 means you must risk $600 to win $100. It does not matter when or how Arturo Gatti wins, just that he is the official winner. Betting on James Leija +400, you stake $100 to win $400. Again, in this case, it does not matter when or how James Leija wins, just that he is the official winner.

Betting on the Draw:

When betting on the outcome of a fight to be a draw, the fight must go to the fight cards and the judges must declare a Draw for your bet to be a winner. Disqualifications will not be considered as winners in regards to Draw bets.

Total Round bets:

A total listed on a fight represents the total number of completed rounds. The halfway point of a round is at exactly one minute and thirty second. 4½ rounds would be one minute and thirty seconds of the 5th round. When betting on the total rounds that a fight will last, you must take the OVER or the UNDER. Regardless of who is declared the winner, the round in which the fight ends is the final round. Using the above example, if Arturo Gatti is knocked out more than halfway through 6 th round, all bets on the OVER would be considered winners.

A boxing match is declared official after the bell starting the first round has rung.

Each round is three minutes long: a half-round is defined as 90 seconds.

If the amount of scheduled rounds in a fight is changed, the fight winner, fighter wins only, draw options, fight totals, will go / won't go, inside distance, exact round, knock-out, and decision props will all be No Action.

A wager on a fighter to win by "KO" wins if the selected fighter wins by KO, TKO, or DQ.

All matches must start within 7 days of originally scheduled time for wagers to have action.

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