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NBA Playoff Lines

The 2010 NBA Playoffs will be the postseason of the National Basketball Association's 2008-2010 season.

Sign Up Click HereThe NBA playoffs start on April 19th. This season is notable for the closest, most competitive Western Conference playoff race in NBA history.

Catch the NBA Finals fever! Nothing matches the passion & excitement of the NBA championship and SkyTower Sportsbook is your source for the best Odds To Win on every game of the NBA Finals.

With skytowercasino.com you will receive the most up to date basketball odds and NBA playoff lines to place your basketball bets. Sit back in your favorite chair and enjoy the NBA basketball action right from your house and win big during the NBA playoffs.

NBA playoff odds are available to you through the wonderful world of the internet. NBA playoff odds allow you to pick the teams that you feel will make a big statement during the NBA Playoffs.

2010 NBA Calendar

Oct. 27 2009-10 NBA Regular Season Begins
Jan. 5 10-day contracts may now be signed
Jan. 10 All contracts are guaranteed for the remainder of the season
Feb. 12-15 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend
Feb. 18 Trade deadline (3 p.m. ET)
Feb. 21-28 NBA Heritage Week 2009-10
Apr. 7-10 Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (Portsmouth, Va.)
Apr. 14 Regular Season ends
Apr. 15 Rosters set for 2010 NBA Playoffs (3 p.m. ET)
Apr. 17 2010 NBA Playoffs begin

NBA Basketball lines are betting lines specifically produced for the intention of sports gambling in basketball games. Basketball remains a hot preferred with basketball gamblers on account of the unpredictable twists and turns in the game. NBA playoff basketball line can be specified as the basketball odds posted on the NBA game that attend as a mechanism for basketball betters to place their bets on a specific outcome. NBA basketball betting lines are available with most online sportsbooks.

NBA basketball Playoff betting games are just as exciting to watch and can be just as much fun as NBA betting. The point spread becomes a factor into play with NBA playoff betting for basketball games too. Over/Under totals are favorite with NBA basketball betting as well. Skytower sports book provides basketball betting on NBA playoff games and other forms of basketball betting. such as betting on each quarter and half time NBA basketball betting. Whether you are a basketball fan or just like the action of sports betting, Skytower sportsbook will be your one stop shop for basketball betting odds and all other sports betting events.

NBA Playoffs Point Spreads

The two most popular ways of expressing odds in sports betting are point spreads and money lines.

Point spread bets are one of the most common sports bets. Spreads are intended to level the betting playing field between two teams. If the handicappers do their job right and choose the right spread number, there should be an even chance of winning or losing the bet taking into account the spread and a roughly equal number of bettors on both sides of the game. It is a way to even the odds and make things a little more fun.

In a spread bet, the team perceived to have less of a chance of winning will have points added to their score and the team expected to win will have the same number of points subtracted from their score.

Those points are known as the point spread, and are sometimes called the line or the price. Let's say you bet on the team everyone expects to win. Since everyone expects this team to win, it will have points subtracted from it's final score - the spread - to even things up. The team must win by the point spread given at the time you placed your sports bet. If the team you bet on still has a greater number of points than the opponent after the point spread has been subtracted from its final score, your bet is said to
have covered the spread and you win.

Point spreads can go up or down at any time depending on various factors like player injuries, weather  and the like. The spread may also be adjusted if the bets coming into the sportsbooks are disproportionately favoring one side or the other. You are generally locked in to whatever the point spread was at the time you placed your sports bet.

Learn about NBA Playoffs and finals

After 82 NBA games, April 15h the regular season will come to a end for 2008 - 09. On April 18 the NBA Plaoyoff Series will begin.

16 teams qualify for the playoffs, 8 from the Eastern and 8 from the Western conferences. The two division winners in each conference will have the first seeding. The division winner with the best record is ranked Number 1. Remaining 6 teams are ranked according to their won-lost ratio.

In the Conference Semifinals, the winner of number 1 vs. number 8 plays the winner of number 4 vs. number 5, and the winner of number 2 vs. number 7 plays the winner of number 3 vs. number 6. The winners of the Conference Semifinals then meet in the Conference Finals. Winners in the Eastern and Western conferences advancing to the NBA Finals.

NBA Playoffs are best-of-7 games. This means, the team that is the first to win four games out of seven is the winner of that round. The First Round is played on a 2-2-1 basis. The Conference Semifinals and the Conference Finals are played in a 2-2-1-1-1 format. The NBA Finals are played on a 2-3-2 basis. Teams with the better record during the regular season gained home-court advantage.


Bet on the NBA basketball playoffs "Here"

NBA Playoff odds and lines "Here"

2009 NBA Finals Results

After catching the title scent early in the second quarter of Sunday’s Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Orlando, the Lakers sprinted away with the franchise’s 15th championship with an all-encompassing display of basketball.

Each and every player that stepped foot onto the Amway Arena floor wearing purple and gold offered something productive: Kobe Bryant nailed shots near and far from the basket; Pau Gasol swatted shots and defended Dwight Howard impressively; Lamar Odom sank corner threes and attacked the glass; Trevor Ariza swiped the ball and like Odom, buried triples; Derek Fisher made savvy plays and controlled the tempo; Andrew Bynum stood tall in the lane … And so on, and so forth.

No stat line was more impressive than that of Bryant, who put up 30 points, five assists, six boards and four blocks. But the net result of the total team effort was effectively what L.A. showed all year: They were too long, too strong, too deep and too skilled.

Game 1
Lakers 100, Magic 75: Postgame 1

Game 2
Lakers 101, Magic 96: Postgame 2

Game 3
Lakers 104, Magic 108: Postgame 3

Game 4
Lakers 99, Magic 91: Postgame 4

Game 5
Lakers 99, Magic 84: Postgame 5

2008 NBA Final Results

Celtics celebrate NBA success

Boston crushes Lakers by historic margin to capture 17th NBA title.
Boston wasted little time in flexing their muscle over the Lakers in Game 6, and turned the event into nothing more than a celebration for the Celtics and their fans. The home team absolutely destroyed the Lakers in their coronation game, leading by as many as 43 points in the fourth quarter before finishing the season off with a championship and winning by a score of 131-92.

2007 NBA Final Results

Friday, 8 June, 2007

Cleveland Cavaliers 76 San Antonio Spurs 85
(San Antonio lead series 1-0)

Monday, 11 June, 2007

Cleveland Cavaliers 92 San Antonio Spurs 103
(San Antonio Spurs lead best-of-seven series 2-0),

Wednesday, 13 June, 2007

San Antonio Spurs 75 Cleveland Cavaliers 72
(San Antonio Spurs lead best-of-seven series 3-0),

Final Game 4 (Spurs 83, Cavaliers 82)

The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 83-82 to win their fourth NBA Championship.

The Spurs swept the series 4-0. San Antonio was led by guards Manu Ginobili (27 points) and TonyParker (24 points). Parker become the first European born player to win the NBA Finals MVP.

The 25-year-old averaged 24.5 points on 56.8% shooting in the series. Tim Duncan had 12 points and 15 boards for San Antonio. LeBron James struggled again for the Cavs, scoring 24 points but shooting only 10-for-30 from the field.

NBA Playoffs Betting Information:

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NBA Playoffs Odds: Live NBA Playoffs odds for football betting.

Sports Betting Help: How to get sportsbook help.
Sportsbook Rules: The Sports Betting Rules.
Sports Betting deposits: View NBA Playoffs Deposit options.

Be sure to get your NBA Playoffs bets down early at SkyTower Casino and sportsbook, because the season is here!

To open a new account, simply click on the Join Now icon, like thousands of NBA Playoffs Betting sports enthusiasts. If you have any question or need help, click on the Help icon. If you need further information contact us, click on the Contact Us Icon.

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